Translating novel science into effective cancer medicines

Discovering new ways to combat cancer by activating the immune system to recognise and destroy tumours.

Over 360k Anual New Cases

Of Unmet Colorectal, Liver, Pancreatic, Oesophageal Cancers & Lymphoma

Over 700k Annual Hospitalisations

And  Over 50k Annual Deaths From Unmet Influenza Viruses & INfections

Global Market Size Over $60 Billion

Changing & Saving Lives Through Targeting Unmet Cancers & Infectious Diseases.

A high proportion of tumours have the ability to avoid detection and destruction by the immune system. These immunologically “cold” cancers are hard to detect and show little response to conventional treatments.

Everyday is a struggle for patients fighting cancer. Our commitment is to develop new medicines that will make this struggle a thing of the past.

IngenOx is developing a suite of new precision medicine drugs and cancer vaccines to fight cold tumours. These assets are highly innovative and work through complementary mechanisms.


Together our assets work in complement to make immunotherapy work for cold tumours.



Turns cold tumours hot by presenting more tumour antigens to the immune system. Works via MHC upregulation.



An inhibitor of the enzyme called protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) that reveals hidden tumour antigens by altering gene expression. AT-101 works by activation of the dark genome.



Trains the immune system to recognise stimulated tumour antigens, thus boosting response against previously unresponsive cold tumours. Patented platform technology enables generation of multiple cancer vaccines to target different forms of cancers.

Cancer remains a devastating and clinically unmet disease. Our Mission at IngenOx Therapeutics is to fix this.

IngenOx Therapeutics, is a biopharma spin-out from Oxford University, committed to the progression of precision therapies and vaccines for many common cancers, with particular focus on those where there is still an unmet need for long-term disease control.

Our goal is to develop effective, personalised therapies, reduce side effects and improve the lives and outcomes of individuals and patients across the globe.


"The idea behind personalised cancer medicine is both simple and powerful: delivering the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. Our aim is to radically alter the way cancer is managed, saving lives by focusing on the individual"


David Kerr
CMO IngenOx Therapeutics

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