IngenOx Therapeutics

IngenOx is building a global oncology company focussed on the discovery and clinical development of new and innovative therapies to treat cancer. 

Our Mission

IngenOx Therapeutics is a biopharma advancing a clinical and pre-clinical pipeline of precision therapies and vaccines for different cancer indications.

The company is a spin-out from Oxford University and located on the Oxford Science Park, UK.  IngenOx Therapeutics has built a proprietary platform around re-educating the body’s immune system to recognise and destroy tumours. IngenOx’s approach seeks to align the right drug with the right patient enabling a personalised approach to cancer therapy.

IngenOx Therapeutics’ focus is on those cancers where there is still an unmet need for long-term disease control.

It is hoped that not only will patients volunteering for our clinical trials benefit directly, but the results from these studies will ultimately allow the general use of more effective, safer medicines.

Our goal is not only to treat cancer, but improve quality of life during therapy by reduction of side effects.

IngenOx has global license partnerships with Astra Zeneca and Roche.

The company secured investment in 2016 from a consortium of South Korean investors; and in 2020 span out an affiliate company, SynOx Therapeutics.

IngenOx Products

Zabadinostat (CXD101)

Zabadinostat (CXD101) is a novel epigenetic regulator with immune-regulatory properties.


AT-101 is an inhibitor of the enzyme called protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5).

Cancer Vaccine PCV-001

PCV-001 is a peptide vaccine harvested from a tumour antigen complex. This is delivered by conjugation with a viral vector platform.