Celleron Therapeutics announces completion of a new funding round with international investors

Oxford 31st January 2017; Celleron Therapeutics Limited, the UK-based precision cancer medicines company, focussed on clinical trials of novel small molecule therapeutics, announced today that it has completed a new financing round with a consortium of South Korean investors.

Celleron will use the funds for clinical trials of its two drugs, CXD101 and CXD201, focussing on unmet clinical indications. CXD101 is a novel dual mechanism HDAC inhibitor which has unique immuno-modulatory effects in tumour cells, and CXD201 represents a new type of topoisomerase inhibitor. Both drugs are ready to enter Phase 2 clinical trials.

Celleron secured investment from leading South Korean financial institutions including Korea Investment Partners, NHN Investment, IMM Investment and KTB Network. Theragen Etex, a listed Korean biopharmaceutical company, also participated in the financing round. The financing round represents the first time that a UK biopharmaceutical company has been financed by South Korean investors.

Professor Nicholas La Thangue, CEO of Celleron Therapeutics, commented:

“We are delighted and honoured to have such an experienced group of international investors join the financing round. The investment will allow Celleron’s clinical products to be progressed to important clinical milestones and return significant shareholder value. We are privileged to be the first UK based biopharmaceutical company to receive investment from the Republic of Korea”.

Celleron Therapeutics Ltd.
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About Celleron Therapeutics

Celleron Therapeutics, based on the Oxford Science Park, UK, is a drug development company focussed on precision medicine for cancer. It is a spin-out of Oxford University and has secured a number of exclusive licence agreements with pharmaceutical companies, including Astra Zeneca. Celleron’s precision medicine approach is supported by a companion diagnostic biomarker platform, which allows new drugs to be tailored to responsive tumours.

Celleron Therapeutics announces completion of a new funding round

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